Serengeti National Park Safari

In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Serengeti National Park is also the oldest game reserves in Tanzania. Each year tourists from various parts of the world visit the region to observe the annual wildebeest migration. Over three million wildebeest migrate to Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve through the Serengeti National Park. Hence, many tourists indulge in Serengeti National Park Safaris to observe a wide variety of wild beasts in their natural habitat.

However, each tourist has a number of options to explore the wilderness of the region and observe the great wildebeest migration. For instance, a tourist can choose from walking safaris and hot air balloon safaris. Likewise, he can also indulge in game drives, and explore the scenic beauty of the entire region. But it is important for each visitor to decide the things to do and places to see during the Serengeti National Park Safari.

WAPO Africa Safaris believes in making Serengeti National Park Safaris memorable for each visitor regardless of his holiday plan and budget. We deploy native guides and staff to ensure that the tourists can explore the scenic beauty and wild beasts without any hassle. Also, our native guides can decide the most appropriate route to explore Serengeti National Park according to the prevailing climate and weather conditions.

We allow tourists to choose from several safari packages according to their holiday plan. Based on their preferences, the tourists can explore Serengeti National Park along with other popular national parks and tourist attractions in Tanzania. Also, the visitors have option to spend adequate time in Serengeti National Park to observe a variety of wild beasts and wilderness closely. We also make all arrangements to make the safari comfortable and pleasant for each visitor.

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