Electronic Gadgets

Electronic Gadgets

Bringing the right Safari Electronic Gadgets, which will make your Tanzania Safari Tours truly amazing.

Hookupz™ iPhone Binocular Adapter

Want to picture yourself spotting a lion feasting on its prey in the heart of Serengeti National Park. You want to record it, but the only way to get a clear shot is through your binoculars and all you need to record with is an iPhone.


Take the most awesome sunrise shot ever, when suddenly the dreaded ‘Low Battery’ sign pops up and you’re stuck with a dead camera. No worries! Simply take a small, lightweight Powerbank out of your pocket and let your device charge for a couple of minutes.

Portable music player

It’s though not a mandatory element but advisable to keep a portable music player that comes handy and easy to carry. It helps you to fresh your mind from boredom. You will feel energetic.

Smart Phone

We recommend you to keep your Smartphone with you so that you can be in touch with your family and friends whether you are on Tanzania Budget Camping Safari or or in the high altitude of Mount Kilimanjaro.

High Zoom Camera

High Zoom Camera is a must to carry with you to capture some of your life’s best moments in pictures and videos.